Buying Celebrity Cars as an Investment to Help With College Tuition or Retirement Funds

Cars are now a dime a dozen it would seem. You can lease a car for next to nothing and trade it in for a new one in just a couple of years. It may seem like buying a car isn’t a wise investment to make; however, if you take a look at older cars previously owned by celebrities, you might sing a different tune. For many celebrity cars, their value is actually increasing over time. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to talk about the investment in purchasing celebrity owned classic cars.

Racing Cars are a Hot Commodity at Auction

Race cars owned or driven by celebrities in movie productions have proven to be some of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction. As our previously documented Top 50 Movie and Television Cars Ever Sold indicates, just by a celebrity getting behind the wheel of a car, the car’s value exponentially increases. The celebrity history of a car has a great deal to do with the amount of money the car is worth.

Celebrity Cars Can Help with College Tuition & Retirement Funds

It’s no secret that life keeps getting more and more expensive. If you have been looking for unique ways to help put your kids or grandkids through college or a new way to save enough money to retire, buying celebrity cars may be your best option.

Key Components that Boost the Value of Celebrity Owned Vehicles

Of course, for these vehicles to be worth anything, you have to be able to prove that they do indeed have celebrity connections. Authenticity is a major factor in the value of your celebrity vehicle. Finding a way to prove that it is linked to the celebrity you say it is, is essential. You will find the biggest return on your investment when you are dealing with a rare car as well. If you are working with a car that no one will be able to find anywhere else, you have a much better chance at a large ROI.

Buying & Selling Celebrity Cars & More at Auction in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

If you are searching for the perfect celebrity car to invest your money in, look no further. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc just sold a crop of celebrity cars at our Famous Music & Hollywood Icons Historical Occasion auction such as the 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner which debuted in the movie “Furious 7,” 1967 Pontiac Lemans “GTO” from the film “XXX” and Elvis Presley’s 1957 pink and black Cadillac that was exhibited for 30 years at a museum, to name a few. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your celebrity vehicles at auction, there is no one better to help you with that than GWS Auctions. Call us today!