Cartier; Jeweler of Kings, King of Jewelers, Love Bracelet, Wristwatches for Men & More!

Many people are familiar with the Cartier family name for design of fine jewelry. The renowned brand has created countless iconic pieces that come from generations of family members. It’s hard to believe that it began in a humble workshop in Paris. Cartier is now a global empire known around the world for some of the world’s finest jewelry. With this in mind, here are some fascinating facts from Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions about the Cartier family and their art:

Alfred Cartier: First Jeweler to Work with Platinum

Because of the high price of platinum, during the 19th century it wasn’t the metal of choice when creating jewelry. Only royalty had the funds to support this beautiful metal to create their jewelry. In 1847, Alfred Cartier found that this brilliant metal was the perfect way to take a diamond’s brilliance to the next level and started using it in his jewelry.

Louis Cartier: The Jeweler of Kings & King of Jewelers

From 1856 to 1939, the clientele of Louis Cartier included several kings, princesses, and empresses. The Cartier jewelry held a standard fit for royalty and earned Louis Cartier the title of “Jeweler of Kings & King of Jewelers.”

Louis Cartier Popularizes the Wristwatch for Men

In the early 1900s, wristwatches were primarily worn by women. Men were always found using a pocket watch as a sign of sophistication. It was considered a bold move for Louis Cartier to produce and debut a men’s wristwatch after discussing how difficult it was for Cartier’s lifelong friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont to record his flight times while flying a plane. Santos-Dumont was made famous for his aeronautic achievements and in turn, boosted the popularity of Cartier’s first men’s wristwatch named “Santos.”

Cartier’s Negotiation for a Spot on 653 Fifth Ave, New York NY

You may have assumed that it cost a pretty penny to reserve a spot on New York’s famous Fifth Avenue, but you would be wrong. In 1914, Pierre Cartier had his eye on joining New York’s elite society and came across a millionaire named Morton Plant who was ready to move out of the commercialized neighborhood on Fifth Ave. Cartier traded Plant’s six story apartment building and $100 for a double stranded pearl necklace and struck it big.

Iconic Love Bracelet Designed after Chastity Belts

In 1939, the iconic Cartier Love Bracelet was designed after a chastity belt. These bracelets were designed with a passion for love and devotion that is found in the strongest relationships. His solid bracelet which included screws and a lock comes with a screwdriver meant for your only lover so they are the only ones able to unlock this cuff from your wrist. The bracelet is so popular that many hospitals started carrying the screwdrivers to allow them to remove the bracelets in the case of an emergency.

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