Guide for How to Value Your Vintage Haute Couture Clothing Collection to Sell at Auction

Determining the value of your vintage couture clothing that you want to sell can be tricky. Fortunately, Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to share some tips to help you determine how much your vintage couture clothing is worth.

Age Helps Determine Value of Vintage Clothing

This can be challenging. Many buyers don’t necessarily know that any vintage couture dating back to before the 60s is becoming more and more rare, especially if the clothing is in excellent condition. That being said, an article of clothing from the 40s may be worth less than one from the 70s, due to current style and trends. What it boils down to is when pricing clothing, you should not just price based on the era, but also take into consideration the current trends, marketability, designer, and the fabric’s material.

Quality of Vintage Clothing Increases its Worth

Starting in 1972, the Federal Trade Commission required brands to list the materials clothing was made of on the tag. There are several natural and synthetic materials used to make clothing. Synthetic materials weren’t used until the 50s, and so clothing that dates before then is usually made from some sort of natural fiber and is considered higher quality than mass produced synthetic materials. These would be fabrics made of plant-based materials or animal fibers. Quality, natural fibers play a key role in determining the worth of your vintage couture clothing.

Rarer Vintage Couture Clothing is Often Worth More than Mass Produced

Whether you are selling vintage couture clothing or any other merchandise, one of the biggest factors in worth is the availability of the item. Generally, when you are dealing with a rare piece, it will be worth more than an item that has been mass-produced. This is why clothes dating before the 60s are usually worth more than others; they are no longer available for purchase and are highly sought after by collectors.

Consider the Designer of Haute Couture Clothing

When you are working with vintage couture clothing from true designers like Dior and Chanel, their clothing will be worth more than clothing from no name designers. Buyers will be willing to pay more to simply have a piece by famous designers in their closet. Runway collections are worth more than any other piece due to how enticing they are to buyers. Of course, you will need to do your research and be able to prove that your piece was presented on the runway.