Harry Winston Jewelry Company; History & Legacy of Exquisite Engagement Rings, Settings & More

Since the early 1930s, Harry Winston Jewelry has been stunning people across the globe. He built one of the most prestigious jewelry companies in the world; offering some of the most beautiful jewels, settings and luxury jewelry. You may be wondering how it all began. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions LLC, is here to share some of the history that is now known as Harry Winston Jewelry.

Harry Winston’s Eye for Fine Jewelry Began when He was Young

Starting at a very young age, Harry Winston is said to have had an eye for finding the most precious stones and gems. He was known to buy pieces at a very low price and turn around to sell them for much more. Once, he was said to have bought a two carat emerald for $.25 and then turn around to sell it for $800. Immediately following high school graduation, he started working in the jewelry business and opened his own store called The Premier Diamond Company when he was just 19 years old.

Refashioning Old Jewelry from Estate Sales

For the most part, in the beginning, Harry Winston starting purchasing pieces from estate sales and refashioned them. He found that the old pieces weren’t relevant and often looked dated. He refashioned the stones with new settings and sold them at top dollar.

Harry Winston Inc. Jewelry Company Established in 1932

Eventually, Harry Winston decided to close The Premier Diamond Company and open Harry Winston Inc. n 1932, His ability to produce timeless, exquisite settings drew people in and his jewelry company grew steadily. This all happened around the time he gained possession of a 125.35 carat, emerald cut diamond which happened to be the largest one on record.

Harry Winston Shares Gemstones with the Public

Winston bought stones to cut them into smaller stones to place in settings. He knew that these stone would be worth far more divided into several stones rather than sold as originals. In 1972, he got his hands on the 970 carat Sierra Leone diamond. This stone alone, was then cut into 17 gems and sold. The largest stone cut from this large piece, was a 143 carat stone that was later cut into six more stones. He later became a collector and established a traveling exhibit knowns as “The Court of Jewels.”

Harry Winston Family Tree

After moving into a townhouse in New York City in 1960, Harry Winston somehow stayed out of the papers and the public eye until the day he died. He passed away in December of 1978 at the age of 82. The legacy of his jewelry was left to his wife Edna and then to his two sons, Ronald and Bruce. People are able enjoy his timeless pieces and his company is still known for its exquisite jewelry with a large fan following.

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