History & Craftmanship of the Hermès Brand Fashion House; Bags, Scarves, Perfume & More

You can’t think about a beautiful silk scarf without thinking about Hermès Paris, synonymous with fashion accessories and the Birkin bag. Many may not know that Hermès, the fashion dynasty, came to prominence in the early 1800’s serving aristocrats and nobleman by creating some of the most sought after harnesses and bridles. Ironically, it was the company’s founder Thierry Hermès who later began to make leather bags to carry accessories for riders and it was from there that the fashion brand evolved into what we know today. Hermès has continued to hold an undeniable place in fashion house history. For five generations the House of Hermès Paris has been producing handbags, shoes, accessories and the famous diamond shaped silk scarf coveted by celebrities around the globe. The company continues to evolve and set the standards for fashion and Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to give you a brief history of Hermès and where it all began.

Founder Theirry Hermes Learns the Leather Making Trade

At the early age of 27, Theirry Hermes learned the trade of leather. As we noted, however, he didn’t start making handbags. He started learning the craft of saddle and harness making. Not many years later in 1837, he opens The French House of Hermes in which he creates harnesses and serves the noblemen of Europe.

2nd Generation in Equestrian Bag & Saddle Making

In 1880, the family business was passed down to Hermes’ son, Charles-Emile. When Charles took over, he actually moved the store to 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. This is still its location to this day. It is in this store that he creates, along with his sons, the first handbag created by the brand. It isn’t your ordinary handbag, but a bag used by riders to carry their saddles with them.

Vintage Hermes Clutch & Shoulder Bags

The 3rd generation of the Hermes family will be the ones to branch out of the saddle making business and into other goods like the first leather golf jacket crafted for Edward, the Prince of Wales. In 1922, the first leather handbag is produced when Emile-Maurice’s wife tells him she just can’t find the right handbag to carry her belongings. Who knew what a turning point that would be for the brand’s history.

Other Goods Produced by the Hermes Brand

In 1929, Hermes starts to design more than leather goods. They create a woman’s couture swimming suit and later silk scarves and perfume. By 1956, women are flooding into Hermes stores begging for “The Kelly Bag” which is one of the most iconic products ever produced by the brand.

Hermes Fun Facts

With the 6th generation in the Hermes family at the helm of the company today, there are many products they have produced that have made them who they are today. Here are some fun facts about the family and this historic business.
• The Birkin Bag, one of the Hermes’ most famous bags ever made, is in such demand that you have to wait 6 years to get your hands on one.
• Every 20 seconds a silk scarf is sold by Hermes.
• Some of the most famous names that are clients of Hermes include Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian.
• There are 240 stores today with the flagship store located on Madison Avenue.

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