History of Fred Joaillier Jewelry; Pearls, Colored Gemstones, Fine Metals, Force 10 Bracelet & More

With the use of colored gemstones, creamy pearls and a variety of fine metals, Fred Samuel has created a jewelry powerhouse. His fine jewelry has been worn by royalty and coveted by many as he created unique pieces time and time again. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to share a brief history of this Fred Samuel and the jewelry he has created.

Fred Samuel Born in Argentina

Fred Samuel was born in South America in 1908. Jewelry ran through his blood as his father was also a jeweler. Even though Fred Samuel spent much of his life outside of the country, he has been known to say that the lights of Argentina are the inspiration for many of his famous pieces.

Fred’s Admiration of Pearls

In the very beginning of his career in jewelry, Fred Samuel saw the beauty that lies in pearls. He soon became recognized as an expert in the pearl industry and was known to have collected some of the most beautiful pearls known to man. It was early on that he saw and fell in love with some rare pearls that were cultivated in Japan. It was from this experience that his love for pearls grew.

The Color in Gemstones Takes Hold of Fred

Later, in the 50s, Fred is approached by the royals of Nepal to design jewelry using bold colors and gemstones. This was just the beginning of Fred’s love for the colors you can only find in brilliant gemstones. By 1977, he was at the peak of his career in gemstones. At this time, he created The Golden Sun. This was a yellow diamond that was 10,554 carats and is still considered to be one of the most brilliant pieces in the world.

Fred’s Signature Force 10 Bracelet

Fred Samuel had two sons that he raised with a love of the sea. This was the inspiration behind his signature Force 10 collection. He was able to braid marine cables together and secure them with a buckle at the end. He first created this for his wife and it became one of the pieces Fred was most known for. Today you will find pieces from this collection adorned with diamonds and brilliant gemstones.

Fred is a Jewelry Supplier for Royalty

The fine jewelry created by Fred Samuels has been beloved by royalty throughout his career. There is no shortage of iconic people that have partaken of the precious pieces that he has created. Not only royalty, but stars as well. Richard Gere offered Julia Roberts a necklace that consisted of 23 heart cut rubies interlaced by diamonds in the movie hit “Pretty Woman.”

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