History of Bailey, Banks & Biddle (BB&B), the Oldest Nationwide Jewelry Company in the United States of America!

From presidents to astronauts, Bailey, Banks and Biddle has made an exceptional mark on our nation’s history. Since the company’s founding in 1832, Bailey, Banks and Biddle has had a passion for excellence and has created extraordinary jewelry that is classic and stands the test of time. People have been adorning themselves with breathtaking pieces for almost 200 years. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to talk about where it all began and what sets Bailey, Banks & Biddle apart from other jewelry companies.

Oldest Nationwide Jeweler in America

In the beginning, the company was known as Bailey & Kitchen Jewelry Company as Joseph Trowbridge Bailey and Andrew B. Kitchen partnered together to create beauty in Philadelphia in 1832. By 1846, the partnership ended mutually and later became Bailey & Company when the brother of J.T. Bailey partnered with Jeremiah Robbins and Jacob Gallagher to continue the business. The company would later take on the name Bailey, Banks & Biddle as Joseph Trowbridge Bailey II, Samuel Biddle and Clark Banks joined forces. The partnership hasn’t changed since.

Bailey, Banks & Biddle Make Their Name with the Military

The company got its first break when they started manufacturing medals, ribbons and honor awards for the U.S. military. This was their ‘in’ with the elite as well. Some of the pieces they are most known for are purple hearts and class rings for the graduates at Annapolis which they produced for almost a full century.

Great Seal of the United States

One of the crowning achievements of BB&B is the work they did to create the great seal of the United States of America. The old seal was created by Tiffany & Co, but it only lasted 17 years before it was clear that it needed to be updated and refined. The bald eagle seal is the one used to this day.

Several Presidents are Found Wearing the Brand

President Abraham Lincoln was the first of many presidents to be associated with BB&B although it was after he was assassinated. They created a mortuary medal for him. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan were also among those that wore the brand as well as many other famous people and celebrities.

Bailey, Banks & Biddle is More than Medals

Not only did BB&B create these medals for outstanding service, but they also are known for their breathtaking engagement rings. With rare and precious stones, as well as fine metals, they have used their creativity to design some of the most beautiful jewelry you will ever find. Beyond that, for the elite circles, they crafted luxe wedding invitations, dinner menus and ball programs to ensure their needs were being met.

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