History of Chopard Watches, Happy Diamond Collection Jewelry & Women Empowerment

The name Chopard is relevant when it comes to luxury watches and jewelry. Many do not know that the name Chopard is also one associated with women empowerment. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to talk about some of the history of Chopard Jewelry and their role in women empowerment.

Where Chopard Jewelry Began

Chopard jewelry has been around since 1860. It was originally a watch factory established by Louis-Ulysses Chopard in Switzerland. At 24, Chopard began creating precision watches combined with unique designs. He presented his collections internationally and gained recognition throughout the world for his creations. By 1937, he relocated to Geneva and his grandson, Paul André Chopard took over the company. Twenty years later, he found himself in a position to sell the company to a German watchmaker named Karl Scheufele III. Scheufele recognized what an opportunity this was and quickly made the decision to buy.

Chopard Jewelry Focuses on Women’s Jewelry & Watches

When Scheufele took over the company, the focus changed to women’s jewelry and watches. In 1974, the company moved to the outskirts of Geneva and continued to gain favor with their female clients. By the 1980s, the roles of women were starting to change socially and professionally. Women were looking for ways to look feminine and glamorous while their outfits were starting to take on a more masculine, uncomplicated and tailored look.

Jewelry Had to Change as Well with the Women’s Female Empowerment Movement

Chopard recognized that jewelry had to change along with this powerful movement. Diamond jewelry needed to be functional and practical as well as elegant. The new line of jewelry and watches was produced by Ronald Kurowki called the Happy Diamond collection. Diamonds moved freely to reflect and capture as much light as possible.

Chopard Partners with Cannes Film Festival in 1998

The relationship between the Cannes Film festival and Chopard began when they were asked to design the Palme d’Or, which is an award that all film directors aspire to win. In 2016, Julia Roberts was found wearing a Chopard emerald and diamond necklace as she walked the red carpet barefoot. This was following the outrage at women being turned away wearing flat shoes in 2015. She said that wearing Chopard was a clear choice for her. Many influential women in Hollywood have been found wearing the Chopard.

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