History of Dior; Fashion Designer Superhero, Perfume, Handbags, Jewelry & More

The House of Dior is one of the most significant fashion houses on the planet. Dior and Paris are synonymous with fashion and the classic styles and worldwide attention Dior has brought to the industry is extraordinary. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to give a brief history of Dior and how this name became what it is today.

Christian Dior & His Early Interest in Fashion

Christian Dior had an early interest in fashion and started to make his mark in his early 20s. He was an assistant to Robert Piguet until he was called up in the military, which put his fashion career on hold until the mid 40s. Once he was released from his service in the military, he immediately back to work, learning the fashion business.

Christian Dior: Established 1946

After working under Lucien Lelong for five years, Lelong offered to help Dior establish a couture house in his own name in 1946. During this process, Christian Dior found a metal star in the street on the way into a meeting and immediately saw this as a sign. This is where the star comes into play and continues to be one of the signatures of the company.

Dior Branches Out Into Perfume

It wasn’t long after the Christian Dior Couture house was established that Dior launched his first fragrance. It was named “Miss Dior” and was an instant success. In 1951 and thereafter, the company was then employing 900 people. He then opened a Dior atelier in New York City on 5th Ave, along with a hosiery line in the USA as well.

Dior Begins Teaching in 1955

Christian Dior continued to be involved in every aspect of fashion; clothing, fragrance and even cosmetics. In 1954 he published his own book entitled, “The Little Dictionary of Fashion.” He later decided to enter the world of academia. He lectured on the “Aesthetics of Fashion,” and more than 4,000 students in Paris came to listen.

Christian Dior: The Superhero of Fashion

In 1956, Dior published a book entitled, “Christian Dior Et Moi,” and with a new fragrance line that launched along with several clothing lines, he was unstoppable. Unfortunately, in 1957, Christian Dior tragically died of a heart attack. This untimely death was mourned all around the world in the fashion industry.

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