History of Elizabeth Gage Jewelry; Templar Rings, Wedding Jewelry Collection & More

For over 50 years, the British jewelry designer, Elizabeth Gage has been bringing the world of art together to create spectacular pieces of fine jewelry. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to talk about where it all began and the many inspirations behind Gage’s creations.

Elizabeth Gage’s Career Starts in the 1960s

The story of Elizabeth Gage’s career dates back to the 1960s where she trained for six years as a goldsmith. She had always had an interest in jewelry and was especially taken with pieces worn by Catherine the Great. In 1968 she was commissioned to create a unique collection for the new Cartier catalogue. From there, she went on to receive numerous awards including the De Beers International Diamond Award, The Queens Award and the Lifetime Achievement award.

Some Say Art, Elizabeth Gage Says Beauty

Gage is commonly known as a remarkable artist who creates exquisite masterpieces using gemstones and precious metals. She is known for creating balance and form combined with color and harmony.

Antiques are Often an Inspiration to Elizabeth Gage

Antiques have always been a big part of Gage’s creations. In 1990 she was asked by Lauren Bacall to create an enamel piece in the form of a camel and a Jaiper plaque, which she turned into a brooch. This antique original recently sold for four times its original price.

Elizabeth Gage’s Creativity Knows No Boundaries

There is no telling where Gage’s next pieces will take us. She continues to create using flowers, shells, the Knights Templar and other nature inspired shapes in her jewelry.

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