History of Piaget; from Watch Components & Movements to Ultra Thin Watches & Jewelry

Piaget is a dynasty for extraordinary watches and fine jewelry. The world renown company started from feeble beginnings and grew into a global brand committed to excellence. Collectors from around the world often find it a bit tricky to find the rare Piaget pieces. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to share some of the history behind this amazing company.

Georges-Edouard Piaget Begins Making & Selling Watch Components & Movements

As a side job to earn some extra money, Georges-Edouard Piaget started creating watches himself, striving for a quality that would exceed any of his client’s requests. It started with his personal manufacturing of components and high precision movements that were soon sold to some of the biggest suppliers of prestigious watch brands in Switzerland. Within that time it did not take long for many to realize the value and timelessness of the watches he was producing.

The Piaget Company Transforms

Through second and third generations of the now famous Piaget family, the company achieved greater levels of popularity. It was during this time that the company moved from manufacturing components and movements to creating and specializing in wristwatches and pocket watches. By 1943, Piaget became a registered trademark, the transformation of the company accelerated and a larger location was inaugurated to keep up with the rapid growth of the business.

Ultra Thin Watches

In the late 50s and early 60s, Valentin Piaget created the Ultra-Thin watch which became the signature piece for the Piaget company. This mechanical hand-wound 9p caliber was all anyone could talk about at the Basel Fair. The 12p was released in 1960 and was the thinnest automatic movement watch in the world at the time. It secured Piaget’s name among the world of luxury men’s watches.

Beginning of High-End Jewelry

In 1959, ‘Salon Piaget’ opened. Located in Geneva, Piaget set up his own ateliers; where they specialized in setting fine gems and truly completing the production of fine jewelry as well as luxury watches.

Piaget’s Style Earns Fame

Valentin Piaget continued to make his mark and in 1963 produced the first watches to be made with a dial and made of ornamental stone. He also produced cuff watches and pendant watches. His designs caught the eye of notables including Jackie Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor among others. Many of his watches were made in pure gold and only the finest wore them.

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