History of the Italian Jewelry Designer & Innovator; Roberto Coin & His Ruby Signature

For decades, we have been able to enjoy the fruits of Roberto Coin’s labors. He has found a way to mix centuries old Italian craftsmanship and modern design into every piece of jewelry he creates. To tell you a little more about Roberto Coin’s jewelry and history, Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions Inc is here to talk about where it all started.

Roberto Coin’s Jewelry Starts in Italy’s Vicenza

While his brand didn’t start until 1996, Roberto Coin was working in Italy’s Vicenza in 1977 crafting and creating jewelry for other Italian jewelry lines. This area bodes the romantic environment that is seemingly required to create over 20 percent of Italy’s jewelry!

Roberto Coin Italian Jewelry Designer Brand is Born: 1996

When the Roberto Coin brand was created in 1996, it didn’t take long for the world to recognize that he had created something special. He quickly rose to the top of Italy’s luxury jewelry brands and became known worldwide. There isn’t a single piece of jewelry created by Roberto Coin that isn’t handcrafted. Be it bold or delicate, you know that you are investing in high-end, luxury jewelry.

Roberto Coin’s Ruby Signature

One of the ways that Roberto Coin added his delicate touch to all of his pieces is a small hidden ruby. This is gemstone is known as “The King of Gemstones,” and is Roberto’s way of adding his touch to every piece. He has been quoted saying this is a gift to all those who wear his jewelry; a “romantic way to wish the best to all the people wearing my pieces.” The idea of a hidden ruby in his jewelry comes from an Egyptian legend that pharaohs believe a ruby is a magic stone that provides health, happiness and a long life to all those who have one in contact with their skin.

Roberto Coin is Considered the Master of Light, Color and Shape

Roberto Coin doesn’t just stand in the background while other create jewelry for him. He is involved in every aspect of the creations he designs. Some of the materials he is known to use include 18kt yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, diamonds, precious stones, steel, wood and other materials in his creations. He doesn’t only sketch each design by he is closely involved in the marketing and finance end of his business as well. He now provides Europe, Asia, North America and South America with ornate jewelry.

Roberto Coin is a Daring Innovator

With his stunning creativity and childhood dreams, Roberto Coin has built an amazing brand full of innovation and passion. He is a great example of following your dreams and watching them as they come true.

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