How Much is My Chanel Bag Worth? Luxury Designer Handbags Are an Investment!

Chanel bags are highly desired, fashionable items that have been consistently rising in price, sometimes steeply, over the past couple of years. Picking up these high-end, designer handbags at auction allows you to have control over the final price you are willing to pay. We at GWS Auctions, with Brigitte Kruse at the helm, will further discuss how buying Chanel at an auction is a wise investment.

Chanel Handbags Are Worth the Money & Investment!

According to many experts, a Chanel handbag in optimal condition will hold its value, whether it is new or pre-owned. For example, a Chanel jumbo flap selling for $3,000 roughly two years ago, costs closer to $5,500 today. There are countless examples of Chanel bags inflating in value as the years progress. According to the annualized returns of the FTSE All-Share Index, the value of the most sought-after handbags has risen by an average of 8% per year over the last 10 years. The desire for luxury bags, especially Chanel, in the resale market is remarkable. Some of these purses can be cleared off of shelves within seconds, all for buyers to grab the latest trend. Later, unknowing the value and wanting to make room in their closets for newer editions, many of these fashionistas will auction their Chanel pieces. This gives investors the opportunity to often double, and sometimes even triple, their money. The rarer the Chanel bags become, the greater the increase in worth. The restricted production and distribution of Chanel bags, as well as their rare and timeless elements, only serves to increase their monetary value.

Luxury Designer Handbags at Auction

Secondhand designer goods, specifically Chanel handbags, are available at many estate auctions. Auction houses where different generations gather to bid and submit their personal collections are the best places to pick up your designer handbag investment. Timeless shapes, high-quality, and rarity all contribute to the value of Chanel bags. Name brands that don’t have their own E-commerce sites, like Chanel, often provide optimal investment pieces according to experts.

Buying & Selling Chanel Designer Handbags& More at Auction in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

No matter if you are looking to get your hands on Chanel bags to add a luxury item to your personal collection, or to join investors looking to profit from these high valued bags, check out GWS Auctions, Inc. Our experts ensure authenticity and hold many auctions that include gems such as classic Chanel handbags. For example, at our upcoming Ambassador & Royal Runway Fashion Show Auction, we have a Chanel 2005 Brown Crocodile Double Chain Shoulder Bag available with an estimated price of $96,000 – $97,000 as well as many others! Call us today to learn more about auctioning your Chanel handbag or bidding on a new one!