How Many Homes Did Elvis Presley Live in or Own? From His Birthplace in Tupelo, MS to Grave in Graceland in Memphis, TN

Elvis Presley is one of, if not the most, iconic figure in rock n’ roll history. His name and appearance are carried on by thousands every day who pay tribute to Elvis by dressing like him and lip syncing his famous songs. Elvis lived in several places, but the two homes that are most well-known are his birthplace in Tupelo and his death place in Graceland. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to talk about these and the many other homes of Elvis Presley.

572 Poplar Avenue, Memphis TN

One of the first homes Elvis Presley lived in was 572 Poplar Avenue where he lived with his parents from 1948-1949. Unfortunately, this home is no longer standing and is now a vacant lot.

185 Winchester Street # 328, Memphis TN

This ground floor, two-bedroom apartment is where Elvis spent his teenage years. What used to be the housing projects is now mixed income housing that can be rented out to this day. Memphis is full of hip urbanites who became the focus as this housing was redeveloped.

2414 Lamar, Memphis TN

By the time, Elvis Presley moved to 2414 Lamar, he was performing all throughout the South. While the house is still standing, it is no longer a residential property. Located on the main street in Memphis, this building is now a daycare.

1414 Getwell Street, Memphis TN

By the time the family moved into 1414 Getwell Street, Elvis was touring and performing almost nonstop. He hardly ever spent any time at this house, but the house itself was much bigger than their previous residence. It has since been torn down and a Dollar Store resides in its place.

1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis TN

While the neighbors hated the Presley’s because of all the girls that were constantly hanging around the property, this home on Audubon Drive was once one of the most exclusive parts of town. The neighbors disliked them so much that the association ended up asking the family to leave. The house is currently owned by a former lieutenant governor of California who has worked hard to preserve some of the house’s history.


By the time Elvis bought Graceland, he was making 22 million dollars a year. The beautiful house cost him $100,000. At this point, Elvis was so successful that he didn’t need approval from anyone in Memphis and lived here until he passed away.

1330 Hankins St Tupelo, MS & More at Auction

A home and 16.5 acres of land that Elvis Presley played on as a child in Tupelo, MS is going to auction next month. According to a Presley family member’s affidavit, this home was one of the homes built by Vernon and Vestor Presley for Presley family members in the late 1920’s-1930’s. It was also mentioned in the affidavit that Elvis and his mother, Gladys, ‘lived in the home for a time.’ This property is next to Lawhorn Elementary school, where Elvis attended school as a small child. The area where the land and property are located is officially known as “Elvis Presley Heights”. A Presley family member says that as a child, Elvis played, hunted, and swam on this property. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc feel privileged to be a part of this legendary auction. Not only will this home and property be auctioned, but also other celebrity memorabilia. From October 18th-21st the property will be open for viewing in preparation for the sale. Other items up for auction from famous personalities include memorabilia from Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Julie Andrews, John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy. The online auction will take place on November 11th.