Mary Poppins Memorabilia Sold at Auction; Carpet Bag, Chimney Sweep’s Coat & More

Movie buffs everywhere are constantly looking for pieces from movies they adore to add to their collection. One iconic movie that is and beloved by generation after generation is Mary Poppins. Collectors will pay a pretty penny to get their hands on any memorabilia available from this timeless classic. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to talk about some of the items that have come up at auction and sold for high prices.

Penguin Production Cel

Who could forget the segment of Mary Poppins where Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews frolic through the countryside with a gang of penguins? In 2011, a production celluloid from the Jolly Holiday section of Mary Poppins sold at auction for $750.

Autographed Print with Walt Disney’s Actual Signature

Mary Poppins’ popularity comes, in part, from the timing of its production. This is one of the last films that Walt Disney worked on before he passed away in 1966. A print featuring Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke and a group of penguins dancing is signed by Walt Disney himself. He made it out to Faith Freeman, the wife of Ted Freeman. This piece sold at auction for $1,200 in 2008.

Shooting Script

A section of the original script was sold at auction in 2011 for $2,000. This portion of the script was given to a rigging engineer and includes not only the script, but notes and diagrams as well.

Bert the Chimney Sweep’s Coat

The Academy Award winning song “Chim Chim Cher-ee” is one of the famous songs from Mary Poppins. The chimney sweep coat that Dick Van Dyke wore as he played the role of Bert sold at auction for $20,000 in 2012.

Mary Poppins’ Carpet Bag

All of Mary Poppins’ treasures were pulled out of the iconic carpet bag she toted around. Wouldn’t we all love to have a bag of tricks like Julie Andrews did in this film? Well, one lucky person, who snagged this bag at auction for $95,000 in 2010, does.

Dick Van Dyke’s Striped Jacket from Jolly Holiday Scene

In the same animated scene with the dancing penguins, Dick Van Dyke wore an orange and white striped jacket. People all over have worn replicas of this jacket, especially for Halloween. This very jacket, however, sold in 2014 for $64,000 by a private collector in LA.

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