Mikimoto Pearls; Pendant, Bracelet, Ring, Earrings & Other Cultured Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have adorned women all over the world for centuries. This was Kokichi Mikimoto’s dream over one hundred years ago when he created the first cultured pearl. Today the Mikimoto is a global enterprise. Brigitte Kruse & GWS Auctions, Inc is here to talk about the genesis of Mikimoto and how they became one of the world’s great jewelry houses.

History of Cultured Pearls

In 1958, Kokichi Mikimoto was born in Toba, located on Japan’s Shima Peninsula. At the time, Mikimoto was working to preserve native akoya oysters, which were suffering from being over-harvesting for natural pearls. Through hardship and perseverance, Mikimoto was able to beat the odds and create the first cultured pearls. The birthplace of the cultured pearl was Ojima island, and was later named Mikimoto Pearl Island.

Marketing Cultured Pearls in Japan & Beyond

It didn’t take long after the first Mikimoto Pearl Store was opened in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district for Mikimoto himself to start looking elsewhere to market his pearls. In 1893, he had an exhibit, selling his pearls at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. After that, he could be found at several other expos. In 1913, his pearls were internationally known with stores opening in London, Paris and New York City. The growing popularity of the Mikimoto pearls put Japan on the map and pearls became a symbol of Japan.

Mikimoto a Pioneer in the Japan Jewelry Industry

Great care has always been incorporated in every piece of jewelry crafted by Mikimoto. With a strong Japanese influence, he was anxious to combine that style with the European market. Much research was gathered by Mikimoto and his colleagues to blend the two styles and create uniquely beautiful jewelry. When purchasing a Mikimoto piece, you know that you are purchasing some of the highest quality jewelry on the market. In fact, in 1924, he was named a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency and the main jeweler for the Imperial Family.

Mikimoto Branches Out of Pearls with Other Precious Stones

Beginning in 1972, Mikimoto found beauty outside of the pearl market with diamonds and other precious stones as well. Now you can find a large variety of pieces with pearls and other precious stones, meticulously crafted using the only the finest materials. Today, he is known as one of the world’s leaders in the fine jewelry industry and his jewelry adorns women around the world, just as he had hoped so many years ago.

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