Chinese Antiques; Ming & Quin Dynasty Vases, Porcelain, Furniture & Snuff Bottles with Traditional Buddha, Foo Dog & Dragon Motifs

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Chinese Antiques

One of our many passions includes Chinese antiques. China is full of many innovative items from centuries past that we still use even today. Their life changing inventions would alter the world; paper, gunpowder, and the compass for example. Not only did Chinese inventors bring us wonders to behold, but so did the artisans, thanks to the decorative arts China would also would be responsible for. Gifting the world with silk, porcelain ceramics, and celadon glaze. With the combination of these inventions, collectible Chinese antiques such as scroll paintings constructed of paper and silk, intricately painted porcelain vases and bowls with cobalt blue, or glazed with jade celadon.

Ming & Quin Dynasties Vases, Porcelain, Ceramics & Furniture

When most folks think back of China of old, they do not think of the impressive inventions, but rather the world renowned unique artistry it has to offer. Chinese craftsmen of ancient times have mastered the challenging art of carving jade into beautiful figurines and landscapes with intricate detail. With this high level of craftsmanship is it filled with fanciful and extraordinary imagery on fine porcelain and cloisonné ceramics during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Traditional Chinese Motifs; Buddha, Foo Dogs, Dragons, Gourds, Magpies & More

Additionally, many Chinese antiques feature motifs from the Buddhist religion and mythology, dragons made up from the Nine Aspects of other animals to the Chinese guardian lions, known as Foo Dogs. With images meant to inspire success, fortune, prosper and well-being; including the Buddha himself, gourds, lotus flowers, magpies, peaches, and bats, there are many things that are a part of any Chinese Antique collection.

Chinese Snuff Bottles

During the Qing Dynasty, snuff bottles were introduces in China and in other parts of Asia. It contained a powdered tobacco, where smoking tobacco was considered illegal during this time it was still acceptable to use as a remedy to snuff while enduring the common cold, headaches, and stomach disorders. The bottles would be painted with beautiful artwork and designs of horses, dragons, trees, and other designs of fancy. Where most snuff bottles contained the tobacco products some would also carry some contraband and many performers would partake. These snuff bottles were made of wood, ceramic and porcelain, and glass.

Chinese Antiques; Ming & Quin Dynasty Vases, Porcelain, Furniture & Snuff Bottles with Traditional Buddha, Foo Dog & Dragon Motifs in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

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