Based in Southern California, GWS Auctions, Inc has been providing a number of auctioning services to interested parties since 2010. Specializing in fine art, jewelry, china, coins, antiques, high-end furniture, vehicles and real estate, our high-end auctions can help sell your valuables, or help you attain classy items and collectibles. With our experience and expertise, along with modern technology, our auctions can cater to anyone with interest and be highly successful.

Quality Auction Services

Auction services are both ideal for people looking to buy or sell. Without dealing with hassles and back and forth haggling, you can eliminate much of the headaches by using auctions. With GWS Auctions, Inc you can count on efficient auctioning services, whether you are seller or a buyer.

Online Auctioning Services for Buyers

With auctioning services for buyers through GWS Auctions, Inc and the aid of modern conveniences, you can often bid on desired items via the internet. Allowing you to avoid traveling and the expenses and arrangements associated with it, bidding can be done in the comfort of your own home. By doing so, you the buyer, can manage time more effectively when participating in multiple auctioning events. The buyers can conveniently register, and pay winning bids. With a plethora of benefits, the buyers can determine their maximum bids and avoid paying more than they want any particular item.

Benefits of buying at auctions include, but are not limited to:
– Determine the price you are willing to pay through competitive buying.
– The scheduled purchasing and closing dates are known.
– Buyer is assured the seller is committed to the sell, avoiding the last minute mind changing.
– Negotiating is eliminated.
– Everyone has the same set of rules and protocols that must be adhered.
– Information packages regarding the auctioned merchandise are listed in a comprehensive report.
– Often auctions can result in savings.

Auction Services for Sellers

GWS Auctions, Inc auction services to sellers are equally beneficial. Including a formal appraisal set to USPAP standards, your items can be fully appraised or a more informal valuation given, to better evaluate the appropriate starting bids. With the help of Brigitte Kruse of GWS Auctions, Inc your auctioned item or items will be effectively exposed with massive advertising to potentially interested buyers. With mass exposure selling your property through an auction can get more profitable.

Benefits to the seller of utilizing Brigitte Kruse Appraisals & Valuations and GWS Auctions, Inc auction services include, but not limited to:
– Pre-qualified or well funded buyers come prepared to buy.
– Closing and sale dates are all pre-defined.
– Sellers determine the associated terms and conditions of sales.
– Appraisals on real estate, collectibles, antiques, etcetera can give you true value
– Items are sold as is with contingencies.
– Competitive buying gets you more money.
– Marketing and professionals gets interested parties gathered in to your item.
– Eliminates flaky buyers.

Auction Services in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

If you are looking for auction services with a positive reputation and with years of experience and expertise, invest your time in GWS Auctions, Inc. We can help you get the most out of your auction experience. Contact us today and be sure to bookmark our website to keep track of our upcoming auctions!