How to Bid in Live Online Auctions on Invaluable Platform

Online auctions are not only fun, they are also a great way to purchase unique items at great prices. The practice of bidding is one of the most important elements of an online auction but for many it is often the most confusing. In fact it comes as no surprise when auction houses learn that many newcomers tend to feel intimated by the entire process. Brigitte Kruse and the knowledgeable experts at GWS Auctions, Inc have years of experience in the auction industry and use a leading online marketplace called Invaluable to streamline the process for buyers to find all manner of items. If you are a serious collector hoping to add to your collection, a homeowner looking for pieces to decorate your home, or if you are in the market for a gift for a loved one, GWS Auctions, Inc and Invaluable make it easy for you to find and bid on one of a kind, rare, and everyday items at prices that suit your budget.

How to Navigate GWS Auctions, Inc Items for Sale on Invaluable

There are a number of different ways to browse and shop GWS Auctions, Inc items for sale through Invaluable. You can place bids on live and timed auctions, or you can buy a number of items though “Buy Now” at fixed price points. If you find an item you are interested in bidding on, you can either bid in real-time, or place an absentee bid. Once the auction begins, you can gain access to a bidding console which allows you to participate or follow the auction in real time. Items listed as “Buy Now” are available to purchase from GWS Auctions, Inc at any time. Simply click and buy as you would at any other online market.

How Does the Invaluable Online Auction Bidding Work?

At Invaluable, you have the luxury of participating and bidding in GWS Auctions, Inc auctions from the comfort of your own home. If you find an item on Invaluable and you are interested in learning more, contact Brigitte Kruse and the experts at GWS Auctions, Inc for more information by simply clicking “request info” on the right hand side of the item page.

Do I Need an Account Login to Bid on the Invaluable Website?

At Invaluable, we give you the option of creating a free account to streamline the bidding process and gain access to:
• Purchasing “Buy Now” items along with placing bids in live and timed auctions
• Sending messages directly to GWS Auctions, Inc
• Receiving email alerts for upcoming items that match your interests from GWS Auctions, Inc’s extensive inventory.
• Search auction price results from the past 12 months

Are There Any Fees Associated with Bidding at an Online Auction Event?

Buyers purchasing “Buy Now’ items through GWS Auctions, Inc, know a number of fees exist such as shipping, handling and taxes. For auctions, buyers are responsible for the final purchase price along with taxes, shipping, and handling. Depending on the item, GWS Auctions, Inc may also charge a buyer’s premium in addition to the purchase price, shipping, handling, and any other applicable fees.

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