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Luxury Designer Brands Handbag Auctions

Whether you are looking to expand your designer handbag collection, or sell a part or a whole of your designer handbag collection, GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse are highly trained experts in authenticating designer handbags and ensuring the buying or selling process is smooth and efficient. Taking advantage of an auction to purchase your designer handbag has its advantages. At an auction, there is an opportunity to buy your favorite designer’s handbag under the current retail value or to get your hands on the designer handbag that is no longer being manufactured or carried in stores. Auctions assist the collectors in obtaining the specialty or rare designer handbags and perhaps even at a great deal. Designer handbags popularity among consumers is nothing new and despite the financial crunch, there are no signs that the trend will slow down. Buying an authentic, high-quality designer handbag the traditional way can lead to four figure sale costs. Auctions can help those who are on a tighter budget the opportunity to get their hands on a designer
handbag too.

Best Classic Designer Handbags to Invest in

Designer handbags are like most things in the fashion industry, including the different styles coming in and out of style. One year, these trendy designer handbags could be all the rage and the manufacturers can’t produce enough, but the following year they are found bountiful on overstock outlet shops. The bags that remain in fashion year after year are often best found in auctions. If you are interested in a bag that maintains its value, consider the designers bags that are popular year after years. Below, you find several examples of the designer handbags that are holding true to their value.
1) The Kelly: The very first edition of “The Kelly” was a leather bag designed to carry the lady’s riders’ saddles. In 1956, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco used her evolved bag to conceal her pregnancy from paparazzi. 1977, the bag was officially renamed “The Kelly” and has since been refined into the top-handled bag commonly seen today.
2) The Birkin: Like the Kelly being officially named after the iconic princess of Monaco, the Birkin was also named from a celebrity, actress Jane Birkin. In 1981, the actress’s straw bag had tipped over, spilling the contents over the gangway as she was preparing for her flight; complaining that there wasn’t decent leather back featuring adequate pockets, Jean-Lois Dumas offered to design a bag that he scribbled his initials on, giving Jane the first edition of the Birkin model handbag. Retaining its popularity among celebrities, many stars are often seen using modernized editions of the Birkin handbag.
3) The Chanel 2.55: Since the conception in February of 1955, the Chanel 2.55 adopted the name from the date of its birth. Designed by the stylish Coco Chanel, this practical and stylish bag is an alternative to clutch bags. A now timeless symbol of luxurious elegance and tastes, the chain straps and simple flap never goes out of fashion.
4) Other Notable Handbag Designers: Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Dior, Cartier, and Bottega Veneta are also some name brand designer brands that should be looked out for at auctions. With many styles and model handbags, these top designers have something for everyone.

How to Spot a Fake Designer Handbag

Spotting a fake can be done for those who k now what to look for. High-end fashion brands use high quality materials to craft exceptional pieces of art. These designers work hard on their craft and harder yet to protect their image and spotting a “name brand” with shoddy materials, questionable hardware, and poor manufacturing is definitely a fake. Signs of counterfeiting include some of the following qualities:
– Fake or low-quality leather
– Wonky stitching
– Too few stitching
– Incorrect metallic stamp
– Wrong accent marks accordingly
– Liners synthetic materials
– Zippers that don’t zip smoothly
– Smell like a shower curtain for example, points to a fake.

Buying & Selling Designer Handbags & Other Items at Auction in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

With GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse, you can have peace of mind that all designer handbags are scrutinized and authenticated before we put our reputation at stake. With both buyers and sellers being treated fairly and honestly, we are the perfect source when it comes to auctioning designer handbags.