Based in Beverly Hills, California, GWS Auctions, Inc passionately performs high-end auctions on behalf of our valued customers with a plethora of additional services such as consignment, appraisals/valuations, and full estate services. Our talented team of professionals have had years of experience, training and expertise, as Brigitte Kruse, owner of GWS Auction, Inc banded us together back in 2010. With local Southern Californians and beyond the borders, our services extend out with the aid of modern conveniences. Auctioning jewelry, antiquities, furnishings, fine art, coins, treasured collectibles, vehicles, real estate and full estates reach out to serious buyers, so that our clients selling their goods can increase their full profit potential.

Need for Full Estate Sales

Finding yourself in need of relieving yourself of the burdens of a full estate can be a tedious task. For example; in the event of a loved one passing, you might be the full beneficiary of their estate, letting go of the possessions and making some necessary funds to cover expenses. There are a few options but GWS Auctions, Inc recommend you partake in a full estate auction with a prestigious auction house such as GWS Auction, Inc over other kinds of estate sales.

Drawbacks to Other Kinds of Estate Sales
There are some drawbacks to estate sales and it’s important to understand them.
– At an estate sale, you may not sell all the items within, especially if a time limit is a factor.
– The average estate sale generally last 2-4 days. This is generally done to help people see the full estate’s items, let them mull over decisions, and give them time to return and make their purchase, should they decide they want to.
– Unlike an auction with competitor bidding, the company conducting the estate sale determines the price of your items, and what they deem a fair price is what items are posted for.
– Estate sales are held in the home, making it necessary for buyers to be granted access over the course of a few days in the home.

Benefits of Full Estate Sale Auctions

Choosing the route of an estate sale can hinder your maximum earnings, and if making some money is prudent, going with a full estate auction has more beneficial gain. GWS Auctions, Inc professionals provide full estate auction services, and below we list the benefits.
– All items will sell. The auction doesn’t end until the items are sold, to reduce your burden.
– As opposed to the 2-4 days of time selling your goods at an estate sale, a full estate auction lasts a day. This motivates sincere buyers to act fast and with urgency before the desired treasure is gone.
– Sale prices are determined by the winning bid. Where Brigitte Kruse of GWS Auction, Inc offers appraisals and valuations, ultimately, the winning bid sets the price instead of setting limitations.
– Estate sales often set in line the “first serve” rule, as opposed to allowing the entire body of buyers full opportunity to bid on items, ensuring quick sales.

Full Estate Sale Auctions in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

GWS Auction, Inc offers auctions of individual items from an estate sale, full estate auction services or a combination of both to our valued customers. We are a full-service auction house, offering complete auction management services, including appraisals, packing, and even ESTATE BUY-OUTS. If you have found yourself responsible for selling off an estate, call Brigitte Kruse at GWS Auction, Inc today to get your estate auction started.