Imperial Russian Antiques & Collectibles; Silver, Gold, Enamel, Porcelain Faberge Eggs, Jewelry, Vertu & More

Antiques are considered a high commodity among antique collector enthusiasts. They carry with them a sense of beauty, charm, and history. With so many cultures and so many items throughout the world and passing of so much time, there is a lot of versatility when collecting these historical treasures. Today, we at GWS Auctions, Inc founded and operated by Brigitte Kruse, we would like to expound a little on just a small selection of Imperial Russian Antiquities we often offer collectors and non-collectors alike at our specialized auctions.

Imperial Russian Antiques & Collectibles

House of Peter Carl Faberge Eggs, Jewelry, Watches & Crystal

Peter Carl Faberge was a talented jeweler who got widely known for the Faberge eggs he created every Easter for members of the royal family. Faberge began his designing of jeweled Easter eggs when he was first commissioned be Emperor Alexander III. After Alexander’s death, his son Nicholas II continued the tradition until 1917 when the royal family was executed. The eggs got Faberge noticed, but he and his talented designers and fellow jewelers went on to create quite a diverse array of art. Using the finest materials including stones, metals, and other finery; Faberge would create works of wonder for both practical application and for display purposes. His creations of Faberge eggs, cigarette cases, crystal, watches and jewelry are an exceptional addition to any Russian antique collection.

Russian Enamel Egg Pendants, Jewelry, Boxes, Cloisonne Spoons & More

For thousands of years, enameling has become an appreciated form of artistry. In the late 19th and early 20th century Russia would produce masters executing intricate, complex and creative works of beauty. Most desired pieces were created in Moscow and St Petersburg during 1870-1917 by quite few talented artists and craftsman, all of which would use different techniques in enameling such as; champlevé, plique-a-jour, en-plein painted enamel, guilloche, cloisonné and most often, shaded cloisonné, all of which intrigue avid Russian antique collectors.

Russian Porcelain Eggs, Teacups, Marks, Figurines, Dolls, Animals & More

The Imperial Porcelain Factory in St Petersburg began production of amazing and vibrant forms of decoration with the use of porcelain in 1744. Catherine the Great would be a key element into bringing the art pieces to light. She would showcase their finery in the Russian Imperial Court; displaying pride, luxury, and riches in their creations. Tsar Nicholas I would also become a supporter to the craft and artistic nature the porcelain was used. Under his direction and supervision vases, urns, and opulent table services would be born.

Russian Silver & Gold Jewelry & Coins

The Imperial Russian silversmiths captivated experts for centuries. Most have agreed their skills, talents and artistic creativity created the most unique and intriguing silver and gold products ever created. Faberge would become the most famous, but firms like Sazikov, Ovchinnikov, Kurlykov and many others designed works of art with the use of silver and gold. They were awarded and celebrated for high quality workmanship that exalted enchantment and luxury. Being granted the Imperial Warrant, Ovchinnikov and Khlebnikov were even authorized to create for the Russian Imperial Court.

Russian Jewelry and Vertu

Alongside Peter Carl Faberge, additional goldsmiths also contributed to the supply of the Russian Court with luxury and exuberant jewelry and vertu, or fine gold and jeweled objects like scent flasks, ornaments, bell pushes, and paper knives. Crafting with fine metals, precious jewels and stones, as well as enamel, these practitioners created fabulous pieces.

Imperial Russian Antiques & Collectibles; Silver, Gold, Enamel, Porcelain Faberge Eggs, Jewelry, Vertu & More in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

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