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Faberge Collectibles

GWS Auctions, Inc spearheaded by Brigitte Kruse is equally familiar with Faberge treasures. When most folks hear the name Faberge, most immediately think solely of the Faberge Eggs. Though these little trinkets are unique works of art, Faberge is known for so much more. Jewelry, hardstone sculptures, ornamental objects, photograph frames, boxes, desk sets, and other time pieces are examples of the Faberge collection.

Imperial Faberge Eggs

Faberge Eggs were first designed by Carl Faberge, at the request of Tsar Alexander III in 1885. Tsar wanted a surprise Easter egg gift for his wife. The Hen Egg would be the first creation and the beginning of a tradition. The Hen Egg’s shell is enameled on gold to represent that of a basic hen’s egg. The egg shell was constructed to pull apart to reveal a gold yolk, which also opens to produce a golden chicken that also opens to uncover a tiny replica of the Imperial Crown which a ruby egg was suspended. Carl Faberge impressive works were original and his own design and creativity. Once he was given free rein to create his own designs, the only stipulation by Tsar was that there is a special surprise inside each egg. Though the civil war would interrupt the tradition, many eggs were continually being fashioned from the fine stones and precious metals. Faberge eggs have a distinct authenticity easily recognized by those that are familiar with it like Brigitte Kruse of GWS Auctions, Inc.

Faberge Hardstone Sculptures

Faberge Hardstone Sculptures are another popular item found in many collections. The miniature hardstone carvings of people, animals, and flowers carved from semi-precious or hardstones and are decorated with other precious metals and stones. More often than not, elephants and pigs were created, but other works included custom made miniatures of pets belonging to the British Royal family and other notables. The flower sculptures were completed with small vases and carved flower arrangements, frequently carved in various hardstones and enamels and set in water, which was done with the use of clear rock crystal.

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Faberge jewelry, boxes, walking canes, and other such ornamental designs have been known to be included in many people’s collections. With their intricate designs and unique charm and beauty, many people appreciate the Faberge creations. Whether you are looking to buy or sell Faberge collectibles, GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse can play a viable role in your quest. Call us today to find out more!