Do you have jewelry that you are ready to part with and are looking for a way to sell it? Do you want to get the best price for each item and be sure that it is given the best opportunity to receive the most money? An auction is the right avenue for you. GWS Auctions, Inc is the local leading auctioneer in high end and antique jewelry auctions. We offer state of the art auctioneer services as well as support staff to be sure that your items are marketed to the right people. Our staff is trained to ensure each item is listed and described perfectly so that buyers will be encouraged to pay top dollar for it.

Jewelry Are Timeless Collectible Treasures

The best thing about jewelry is that it really never goes out of style. Whether you have your grandmas old pearls or a wedding band that you no longer will utilize; they are wanted by someone. Many times the older the jewelry is the more it will fetch at an auction and the more desirable it will become. There are pieces of older jewelry that are many times are handmade and crafted in a way that is no longer done. This means there are collectors and jewelry lovers that are on the hunt for these beautiful and rare items.

Appraising, Buying & Selling Estate, Antique, Vintage, Costume, Handmade & Designer Jewelry at Auction

If you are interested in selling some of your jewelry at an auction GWS Auctions, Inc has the know-how and the ability to get your items set up and marketed to the widest desirable audience. You need to decide on the pieces of jewelry you want to sell and contact GWS Auctions, Inc to start the process. GWS Auctions, Inc will want to go over each of the items and have them cleaned, appraised, cataloged, photographed and prepared to market. We will take inventory of the items and go over the auction date and time with you. If you are interested in buying jewelry at auction, that’s easy. Just check out our upcoming auctions page for more information.

Professional Jewelry Auctions

GWS Auctions has a full staff that is standing by to meet your auction needs. We offer the highest quality auction services to get you what you want out of each of your items. Call today to set up an appointment to have your jewelry photographed and cataloged for our next auction.