Trustee and Executor Real Estate Auctions

GWS Auctions, Inc founded by Brigitte Kruse provides a professional auction service to buyers and sellers alike. Since 2010, we have been specializing in collectibles and antiques such as high-end furniture, china, jewelry, coins and we also offer consignment and storage services as well as the auctioning services for real estate, full estate sales, and automobiles. In addition to having an experienced and well trained support crew, our USPAP compliant appraiser, Brigitte Kruse, includes formal appraisals and online valuations to best meet your needs.

Real Estate Trustee & Executor Auctions

Among the many auction services available with GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse, we perform real estate trustee and executor auctions. Among trust and estate officers, selling quality real estate by the auction process is becoming a growing trend to successfully sell a variety of properties. Professionally developed and executed marketing and advertising procedures available have been a rewarding benefit to trustees and executors. A high-visibility advertising and promotional campaign in conjunction with adrenaline of competitive bidding makes the auction process the highest possible revenue of selling price, typically in an 8 week time period. Exhibiting just how much the public is willing to pay, an auction is the prime example of supply and demand. The process most fairly depicts a particular property’s true market value, upheld in the courts, and produces maximum results.

Real Estate Auction Experience

GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse has extensive experience working with trust and executor estate officers auctioning properties and for many good reasons. Knowing the real estate auction process; including guidelines, protocols, and laws, are equally important as stimulating the buyers into competitive bidding and marketing procedures. With our proven success record, we will go above and beyond expectations to ensure your properties have the highest exposure and accumulate many serious buyers to ensure high selling prices.

Selling Real Estate for Trustees & Executors

GWS Auctions, Inc lead by Brigitte Kruse offer trustee and executor real estate auctions at our auction firm. We can supply history, referrals, depth of expertise, and integrity at your request to illustrate our success in proficiently representing sellers throughout the real estate auction process. Our auction method of marketing real estate is regarded as a highly viable and sophisticated option of conducting business that is limited only by the depth of the competing bidders’ visions for the property.
When it comes to trust and estate auctions, the fascination that surrounds these events often motivate buyers who would not otherwise consider purchasing the property. These real estate auctions provide protection while still maximizing the value of your client’s property, making this real estate auction beneficial to a trust and estate officer involved with quality real estate.

Trustee and Executor Real Estate Auctions in in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

With so many advantages, utilizing the trustee and executor real estate auctions performed by GWS Auctions, Inc lead by Brigitte Kruse can get you top dollar for your property. Our experts have advanced training, experience in the industry and remarkable skills. Pooling together our resources and expertise, your real estate auction will be a success. Call GWS Auctions, Inc owned and operated by Brigitte Kruse today to get started.