Vietnamese Antiques; Blue & White Ceramics, Porcelain, Pottery & War Antique Collectibles

GWS Auctions, Inc spearheaded by founder Brigitte Kruse specializes in many antique origins including those hailing from Vietnam. Vietnamese antiques have a rich culture that contributes to many impressive collections. Collecting the historical treasures from the eras of the past can make the most avid collector excited. GWS Auctions, Inc with Brigitte Kruse at the helm, specializes in Vietnamese antiques and with our services we can get your Vietnamese antique collection appraised, valuated, and sold at our reputable auctions if you so desire.

Vietnamese Antique Market

There are many Vietnamese Antiques that can pique the interest of any collector. From wares, figurines, art pieces, weaponry to jewelry, Vietnamese antiques have something for every collection. Bronze, gold, jade, and other fine metals and precious stones were often used in the various textiles. The 15th century Hoi An shipwreck has left many people intrigued with the various items aboard that has been rescued. Buddha figures of ceramic, porcelain, and bronze are desired among avid collectors. Bowls, vases, cups, plates, and other wares that are hand crafted, many times white with blue or green patterns hand painted are in many collections. Jewelry and art work has been around for thousands of years and are historic treasures.

Hoi An Shipwreck Hoard; Porcelain Ceramic Wares

The Hoi An shipwreck has got the world buzzing about Vietnamese antiques. Porcelain ceramic wares were predominantly aboard the vessel that was believed to be swallowed by the South China Sea during extreme weather conditions. After many attempts, diligence and commitment got the artifacts rescued from the watery grave and now many people have had the opportunity to have many of the fine pieces in their antique collections. For those that are interested, take note that some folks are trying to pass off fake replicas in an effort to cash in, but rest assured all antiques sold by GWS Auctions, Inc are first appraised by Brigitte Kruse and authenticated before GWS Auctions, Inc lists them in our auction.

Vietnamese War Weapon Antiques; Armor, One & Two Handed Sabers, Falchions, Straight & Parade Swords

Vietnamese antiques grouped with the weapons of old, along with armor, are easily found in both antique collections as well as the passionate weapon collectors. Sabers, Falchions, Straight Swords, Parade Swords, and Two-handed Sabers are a few examples of the antique weapons collectors seek. Crafted with intricate designs, metals, hilts, blades, and handles are all instrumental in what is more valuable. Brigitte Kruse can determine the era and specifics regarding the weapons originating from Vietnam’s past in her expert appraisals.

Traditional Vietnamese Antique Jewelry & Boxes

Vietnamese jewelry and jewelry box antiques are fine, delicate pieces of art forged by hand. The jewelry, designed with jade and pearls more often than not, as well as gold, silver, and bronze metals, are works of art. Some more intricate and slight while other pieces are bulky and elaborate. Jewelry box antiques from Vietnam are made with ceramic, porcelain, metal works, and woodworks. They can be found in antique shops and at auctions.

Vietnamese Antiques & Collectibles; Silver, Gold, Enamel, Porcelain Faberge Eggs, Jewelry, Vertu & More in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

No matter what attracts you about the many types of Vietnamese antiques, GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse can assist in your endeavors, whether you are buying or selling, we can guide you. Contact us today to learn more!