GWS Auctions, Inc locally owned and operated by Brigitte Kruse since 2010, is completely licensed and insured to provide our professional auction services to buyers and sellers in many aspects of goods. We specialize in high-end furnishings as well as collectibles such as china, jewelry, coins and are happy to include storage auctions, consignments, vehicle auctions, commercial and residential real estate, and full estate auction sales. In addition to offering fine services for auctions, Brigitte Kruse, a USPAP compliant appraiser, offers formal appraisals and online valuations for your convenience. GWS Auctions, Inc support staff is well trained, experienced, and skilled in the industry to ensure your buying and selling through auction services is a phenomenal experience.


Need Cash? Trust GWS Auctions To Offer You The Highest Price For Your Gold. Any condition or age. We buy it all.


1.Your jewelry is individually inspected, photographed, and verified
2.The material is tested for gold content with state-of-the-art equipment
3.A total cash value is calculated based on the type of material, weight and the daily price of gold
4.Either we pay you on the spot, or choose to consign your jewelry in an upcoming auction

Gold Value; Maximum Payout for Your Unwanted Gold & Precious Metals

GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse are available when you have unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches. Trading it for instant cash is simple. Even the scraps or precious metals you have, regardless of quality or condition can have value and we will happily buy it from you with the highest cash offer. With our expertise, you will get the maximum payout for your unwanted gold and precious metals. Where pawning your gold valuables may seem like your only option, at GWS Auctions, Inc, we will ensure you get the worth out of your junk gold.

How to Sell Gold Coins for Cash & Profit

What should you remember when selling your unwanted gold? We at GWS Auctions, Inc with Brigitte Kruse have compiled some advice as you set out to make some quick cash. Whether you sell over the internet, at a local pawn shop or jeweler; you might not get full value for your trade. In order to prevent you from falling victim to short changing yourself, remember these guidelines listed below.
1) Shop Around: Check out the competition at your local pawn or jeweler, and ask what is the most they could give you for your trade. Con’t be pressured until you have found the most ideal price, chances are likely that GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse will be your best option. At the very least, it will give you an idea of the value. We suggest getting at least three quotes before making a decision.
2) Beware of ‘Dishonest’ Gold Buyers: There are some sellers doing business with transient gold dealers and dishonest buyers, known in the industry as “hotel” or “pop-up” buyers. Their scam is usually to go from town to town, running ads that promise high prices, and set up shop, posing as a special event in a hotel ballroom. After they take advantage of consumers, they take off with jewelry and coins, disappearing, often leaving victims unpaid or underpaid.
3) Verify Documentation: It’s within your right to confirm if the business you are dealing with is legitimate. Having a state license to buy gold and other documentation specific to their area. The authentic company generally requires the sellers to show them proper identification in order to avoid the purchase of stolen or illegal merchandise.
4) Read the Fine Print: Read all the fine print of gold buyers, even legitimate businesses have the potential to hide their policies in fine print, costing sellers more than they think. Online dealers are infamous for charging extremely high returned shipping rates if you do not sell them the gold even though it might be free to ship it to them for example. Be sure to know what their policy is in case your merchandise is lost before signing or agreeing to any transactions.
5) Keep Karats Apart: Candle parties, naughty parties, Tupperware parties, and so on are fairly common. The host gets a slice of the pie or some kind of incentive to throw a party for friends. At some “gold” parties, all jewelry is weighed together for all those attending, regardless of its karat value, and sellers are paid according to the lowest karat value and split the check. Never accept these ridiculous terms. Separate your jewelry in advance by karat, and make sure you are paid more for higher-karat items. If they insist otherwise, hold on to your gold and trust in GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse to buy it.

Buying & Selling Gold at Auction in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Palm Springs, Indio & Southern California

At GWS Auctions, Inc and Brigitte Kruse, we put our valued customers first; our biggest asset is happy customers for repeat services and referrals. We have all documentation as to our credentials and we want to give you top dollar for your gold. Contact us today to see why so many trust in GWS Auctions, Inc.