We work hard to gain—and maintain—a degree of trust with our buyers and sellers that exceeds the standard business interaction, a relationship built on integrity, transparency and adherence to a code of ethics established by the National Auctioneers Association. We tailor our service to accommodate our clients’ needs and our helpful staff is available to answer any questions about the consignment, bidding or auction process.

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How to Consign:

The consignment process is simple and secure. Watch our video to learn more.

  • Submit photos and documentation about your assets or property.
  • Our experts will review and provide a pre-auction estimate.
  • Decide whether to consign/or sell outright to Kruse GWS Auctions.
  • Kruse GWS Auctions will arrange shipping or pickup of assets.
  • Items go into our catalog and we will send you a link to follow the auction.
  • Expect payment within two weeks from the auction sale date.
  • Kruse GWS Auctions conducts professional auctions every two weeks

How to Bid

You can create a bidder account at:, once approved you will be able to start bidding.
You may place pre-bids and participate during the live auction on auction day, in real time.

Why Auctions?

What makes an auction the best way to sell prized property or find that one-of-a-kind item? Watch our video to learn more.

Records indicate that the ancient Greeks were holding auctions as far back as 500 BC. To raise funds for his wars in Eastern Europe, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius held a public auction to sell his gold tableware and his wife's silk and gold embroidered dresses. Some two thousand years later, auctions remain an extremely attractive and advantageous way to sell assets or property. In the US alone, the goods and service sold at auction bring in more than a quarter of a trillion dollars annually.


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