Jul 8

Grandee Estate & Rare Jewelry Auction

  •   Jul 7 @ 6:00AM PDT (Start)
  •   Jul 8 @ 6:00AM PDT (End)
    Rare and one of a kind jewelry, watches, handbags, rare gemstones, GIA diamonds and more.

    Jun 24

    Rare Royal Artifacts of Vietnam, Fine Jewelry

    •   Jun 23 @ 6:00AM PDT (Start)
    •   Jun 24 @ 6:00AM PDT (End)
      Rare Royal Artifacts of Vietnam, Fine Jewelry

      Jun 10

      Royal Artifacts of Vietnam & Fine Jewelry

      •   Jun 9 @ 6:00AM PDT (Start)
      •   Jun 10 @ 6:00AM PDT (End)
        Grandee Estate & High End Jewelry Auction

        May 27

        Collection of the de Medici Royal Family

        •   May 26 @ 8:00AM PDT (Start)
        •   May 27 @ 8:00AM PDT (End)
          Event Features Historical de Medici Villas, Art & Jewelry and Michael Jackson Memorabilia. Including Machiavelli Mansion, Luxe Calabrian Home and Swoon-worthy Oceanfront Property. Several items from music royalty?Michael Jackson, one-of-a-kind art, jewelry and precious collectibles?many never before publicly displayed and on the market for the first time, paintings and sculptures by Prince Lorenzo. GIA certified diamond, emerald and sapphire rings, necklaces and earrings set in solid platinum and gold, many custom designed for the de? Medicis. 1999 Jaguar with a paint job by graffiti artist Risk. Polaris Slingshot three-wheeled motorcycle prototype with Lorenzo?s signature. 1995 Alfa Romeo Roadster Zagato convertible, one of fewer than 300 produced. 1956 Lincoln Premier two-door hardtop coupe. More

          May 27

          Italian Real Estate of the De Medici Family

          •   May 26 @ 6:00AM PDT (Start)
          •   May 27 @ 6:00AM PDT (End)
            GWS Auctions offers a rare and exciting opportunity to own a piece of their legacy through ?The Secret Collection of the de? Medici Royal Family.? Highlights will include exclusive properties, like the Machiavelli?s Florence villa, a landmarked property located next door to the Ferragamo mansion. Family?s ?summer castle? in Calabria, the birthplace of Versace, a picturesque compound with luxurious gardens and a massive pool. 54,880 square meter (13.5+ acres) of oceanfront property at the southernmost tip of Italy. Additionally, the sale includes 11 two-bedroom, furnished apartments in a resort condo near the sea and a de? Medici home in Rome. More

            May 20

            Iconic Memorabilia & Rare Jewelry Auction

            •   May 19 @ 6:00AM PDT (Start)
            •   May 20 @ 6:00AM PDT (End)
              Iconic Memorabilia & Rare Jewelry No Reserve Auction

              May 6

              Jewelry and Artifacts of Royals in Vietnam

              •   May 5 @ 6:00AM PDT (Start)
              •   May 6 @ 6:00AM PDT (End)
                Jewelry and Artifacts of Royals in Vietnam

                Apr 22

                Noble Estate Jewelry and Watch Auction

                •   Apr 21 @ 6:00AM PDT (Start)
                •   Apr 22 @ 6:00AM PDT (End)
                  Fine jewelry, Tiffany & Co., GIA Stones, Diamonds, Rolex and Patek Philippe Watches.

                  Apr 8

                  Noble and Grandee Estate Jewelry Auction

                  •   Apr 7 @ 6:00AM PDT (Start)
                  •   Apr 8 @ 6:00AM PDT (End)
                    Fine jewelry, Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Chanel, Bvlgari, Carrera y Carrera, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., GIA Emeralds, Diamonds, Rolex and Patek Philippe Watches.

                    Mar 25

                    Legends of Hollywood & Music Auction

                    •   Mar 24 @ 5:00AM PDT (Start)
                    •   Mar 25 @ 5:00AM PDT (End)
                      The auction contains items from legends of Hollywood and Music. The sale contains items from Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Prince, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and more.

                      Feb 18

                      Grandee Estate Jewelry Auction

                      •   Feb 17 @ 5:00AM PST (Start)
                      •   Feb 18 @ 5:00AM PST (End)
                        Grandee Estate Jewelry Auction

                        Feb 4

                        Empress Tu Cung Hoang Thai Hau & More

                        •   Feb 3 @ 5:00AM PST (Start)
                        •   Feb 4 @ 5:00AM PST (End)
                          Empress Tu Cung Hoang Thai Hau & More

                          Jan 28

                          Vietnamese Royal Family & Grandee Estates

                          •   Jan 27 @ 5:00AM PST (Start)
                          •   Jan 28 @ 5:00AM PST (End)
                            Fine jewelry, Chanel Handbags, Collectable, designer handbags, Louis Vuitton, Emeralds Diamonds, Royal family items, Rolex and Patek Watches

                            Dec 17

                            Fine Jewelry FREE 2 DAY FEDEX SHIPPING

                            •   Dec 16 @ 5:00AM PST (Start)
                            •   Dec 17 @ 5:00AM PST (End)
                              All jewelry pieces will arrive clean and in a gift box. If payment in full is received within 48 hours, you get free 2-day FedEx shipping. Happy Holidays

                              Dec 10

                              Russian Grandee Estate Jewelry & Unique Items

                              •   Dec 9 @ 5:00AM PST (Start)
                              •   Dec 10 @ 5:00AM PST (End)
                                Russian Grandee Estate Jewelry & Unique Items